“It’s quite amazing how much can be uncovered with a deep dive into historical records. 

You begin the journey with perhaps just a name, but along the way 

you’re likely to discover far more than you may ever have expected.”


Hereditas Books brings history and life together by creating a unique family treasury which can be cherished for generations. Although we work closely with you, in reality the book is your creation for it contains the details of your ancestors, and the memories of your family.

Each book is really two in one.

The first part is a historical record. You choose which branch of your family you wish to follow, and we delve into their history. Research is carried out using church registers, census and voter lists, military, and court documents – any resource which reveals information about their life. Your tree is grown carefully, ensuring provenance for every ancestor along the way. Details for each family group is provided, and a historical background to their lives is woven between the pages.

When we reach living memory, this is where you become integral to the process. Through interviews and discussions, the memories you would like to be included in the book are recorded. Together with photographs, postcards, letters and other documents, everything is brought together to form a beautiful heirloom.

Take a dive today, and give life to your family’s heirloom.