When Life Gives You Flowers

eBook and Paperback available from Amazon.

When fate plays its bittersweet hand, there is nothing to do but accept where it leads you.

Joe Walters is living the good life: a dream job in a private bank, two stunning homes in Switzerland, and a beautiful wife. But something is missing. 

A disastrous event in London forces him to leave his job. After starting up his own business, he flies to New York, where a chance encounter with florist Sophia changes everything. 

As Joe leaves his old life behind, and his new romance blossoms, things do not always go to plan. Sophia’s past comes back to claim her and breaking away may prove more dangerous than either of them could have imagined. 

When Life Gives You Flowers is based on a true and heartrending story.

King Oak

eBook & paperback available from Amazon. Debut novel by Catherine Arthur

George Hogtrough is risking his neck.

When his friend lures him into the murky world of smuggling, unexpected events unfold. Fearful of destitution, his wife Molly turns to drink, and her attention soon wanders towards her husband’s hated brother. Jesse is everything George is not – sober, hardworking, God-fearing. Should George discover her eye has strayed all hell will break loose.

However, hell has been weaving its mischief through the splintered family for years, and a dark secret between the brothers threatens to turn everyone’s lives upside down.

Follow the twisted tales and they all lead back to the King Oak.

By the time I got to the end I was wishing the second book was out already!
- K.A
Great read, interesting characters, did not want to put it down. Hoping for a sequel since an absorbing book can be hard to find.
- D.D